1) If I request a free in home estimate, do I still have to come to your office to see samples?  

Answer:  No, I carry 90% of all window treatment products with me when I come to do an estimate or sale.

The only thing I don’t bring, unless asked, is fabrics for drapery, etc and drapery rod catalogs.

2) If I buy from you, do you warranty what you sell me?

Answer:  Yes, all products come with manufacturer warranties.  I may charge a small fee for taking products down or hanging them back up, if you cannot do this, since this is my time, and my installer’s time.

3) Do you do repairs?

Answer:  I repair or warranty, what I sell to you.  This can incur trip charges, depending on the issue.  I do not repair other manufacturers that I do not sell.

4) Will you give me the measurements of my windows if I ask for a free in home estimate?  

Answer: No. Reason being, this is my work, my time and my effort.  But, if you ask me before I come to the estimate, and pay me my hourly rate for my measurement, I can then give you measurements.

5) Can I rush my order?

Answer:  Most manufacturers that I deal with, do not have rush available.

6) Are you installers trustworthy?

Answer:  I choose installers that I would have in my own home, and have had in my own home. Two of my installers, are general contractors.

7) What is the charge for an estimate out of the 30 mile area?

Answer:  $90.00 for out of the area up to 1 1/2 hours.  Email me for longer trip times.

8) Can I come to your office with no appointment?

Answer:  I always schedule my appointments, so please call or email first.